My Brother – My Stalker

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I Am Ronnie Hobby aka Rhonny Hobbie


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This blog is my release for all the hurt my brother has inflicted on me since his campaign against me began in 2007, it is my outlet for the real truth. I decided to write & publish it because I simply got fed up with him constantly publishing identical false material about me all over the internet since 2010. This is the truth and my defence against him.
This true blog is born out of EXTREME PROVOCATION and despair due to making numerous complaints about my brothers malicious postings to 2 different Police forces, each one would pass responsibility to the other, getting me nowhere, and neither of them dealt with the issues, I even had to enlist the help of my local MP.

The purpose of this blog is to tell the truth to anyone who decides to Google my name, be they friends or work colleagues & associates, or even everyday people researching the nasty Trolls that caused me so much loss & distress since 2007 which has resulted in this blog to clear my name. My brother & his partner have made 1000’s of malicious blog posts about me including weird home made videos by this mad pair, and when they make these posts they hypertag them with my name, so that any friends or would-be employers would find these posts and cast judgement on me. Please dont judge me by the immense lies & false information readily found littered around the web written about me by this very evil man until you have read the truth that I have written within this blog. Ironically I cant name my brother anywhere on the internet as he has a gagging Court Order on me, laughable isnt it, a criminally convicted Troll with a Court Order AGAINST his main victim!

“This blog has only TWO Google search hyper-tags, and they are the TWO spellings of my name, therefore this blog can only be found if my names are Google searched, and it has now been PROVED that my brother habitually searches my names!”

Here is my true story of harrowing personal life changing events from being cyber stalked by my jealous elder brother.

My Brother ~ My Stalker

A true life story about being Cyber Stalked by my own brother for over 10 years

My real birth name is Ronnie Hobby, now Rhonny Hobbie, I am the youngest of 5 brothers, and this is my TRUE story of being the main victim of Cyber Stalking since 2005 by my very own brother & his partner, so much so that in 2009 I changed my name in an attempt to avoid their unwanted attacks, but it didnt work, I also moved home 4 times but each time they still tracked me down and harassed me. I was once a very popular individual with many friends. I had a very stylish secure home of 10 years in Surrey, and a new baby daughter, then due to suffering severe depression, anxiety & paranoia due to the habitual & constant relentless attacks and accusations of the 2 Trolls that I was THE stalking troll, I soon became withdrawn. In 2012 I eventually underwent counseling and learnt how to deal with them, in 2013 I retrained & secured a very good job in a position of trust for which I was fully CRB checked, and now life is looking much better for me, I am now making new friends, although I will never regain any of the personal losses that I have experienced. My life now is totally different from before, I have lost my real life, my identity, and many of my memories, and making a new life is proving awkward. My life will never be normal again.

This brother is very jealous of others that have made more of a life than he has, so he attacks these people with the intent of making their lives a misery, for he has nothing, and as I own my own home I am a huge target for him, as he wants what I have, because he is a complete failure and has nothing to show for his life.

I am now 53 years old, and since 2005 I have been the main victim of Cyber Stalking / Harassment & Trolling by one of my 4 brothers, all because our late mother asked me to locate his whereabouts in 2001 so that she could enlist a solicitor to claim back thousands of pounds that he had deceptively obtained from her & supposedly put into an ISA, but the truth was he spent the money on himself. He never loved her as he makes out, in fact he was warned of harassment AGAINST her for making a very distressing & abusive telephone call to her in 2007 when she was 84 years old, (but of course he denys this) of which I have the official police written log and statement made by my mother, it appears after this paragraph. He shouted down the telephone at her calling her an “old witch”, and that she was never going to see her money again! So since 2007 she wanted nothing at all to do with him. Sadly she passed away in 2009, aged 86 and penniless.

abusive-call-to-mumAlso on the subject of our late mother whom he makes out he really cared about, see these chat room posts below that he made directed at me in 2008, I have obscured his name for legal reasons. I think they speak for themselves, loving son my arse! Again all pure lies, as Rose Savage was disgusted by this brother & wouldnt even piss on him if he were on fire!


Then there is this one below about our mother selling duty free cigarettes:


And this one where he denys the harassing phone call, and he says our mother abused HIM, and he also confirms it was his ONLY contact with her since July 2005! This was posted online in 2008.


Then there is this recent Twitter post of his (below), sharing the details of our mothers Will, see who the ONLY four beneficiaries are, HE is NOT one of them, so it just goes to show what she thought of the Troll, NOTHING!



Now on to the subject of his web based attacks on numerous innocent people and eventually centering upon me, I was unwittingly drawn into his already ongoing web of deceit against an already established photographer that was spiraling out of control, and he needed someone to use as a scapegoat as the Metropolitan Police were already closing in on him, I was that someone, and the request by our mother was the cause of his attacks, I was an easy target, for now he had started attacking multiple people within the online forums that he frequented, and all the blame was put on me! He started his campaign against me in early 2007, when he phoned me using a withheld number and said, “I am going to ruin your acting career”, he then drew me in by sending me anonymous text messages giving me URL’s of web site blogs where he had written nasty things about me, I retaliated by posting my own angry responses, it soon became a slagging match, I was not to know that his plan was to save my responses as pre-meditated evidence in a court case that he was planning for me, along with a lot of manipulated fake evidence to set me up. Both court cases were running parrallel in 2010!

The Troll also goes on about how I impersonated him on the internet, one of the accusations being about the domain names that I purchased, this is the true reason behind that story, and it was not designed to mislead, and I was NOT impersonating him either, as a disclaimer was clear about that on the site at the time as shown just below.

After our mother passed away in 2009, one of my other brothers informed me that he was told that the Troll was apparently successful at selling his work on the internet, and as our mother had many gifted items of his work in her home, many of which she left to me in her Will, I decided to try to sell them by registering a web domain and selling them, this was not impersonating the Troll as the web site detailed that they were made by him, but were not being sold by him, as well as the web site having a disclaimer on it having nothing to do with him, so where is the impersonation? Site disclaimer shown here:


When I finally learnt that the success of the Troll was not true, I then withdrew the items from sale, and about a year later all of the pieces were returned to one of my other brothers houses to forward to the Troll, whether he received them or not, I do not know or care. Also in 2010 the Troll took out another court case against this brother, the Troll didnt attend and the case was struck out, see this evidential image taken from his own blog:


Although the Troll was prosecuted by the Metropolitan Police & the CPS in 2011 for attacks against an established photographer, in which I was a Witness against him, he was found Guilty & imprisoned for 3 months, what many people are not aware of is that in 1998 he was actually found Guilty yet again for Malicious Communications against a former business partner, this also came out in his court trial, in the 1998 case he had pleaded Guilty to making offensive phone call(s), so he actually now has 2 counts of this type of offence against his name, of which I have official Police documentary evidence stored on disc.



BBC News 5Live Radio Interview:

In the very successful 2011 case against him, he recently claims in a video blog that he was set-up by Police & his solicitor, and forced to plead Guilty, that he did not have a fair trial, what a load of old tosh, he bleats on about his time in prison etc, poor soul, well the truth is that on the other foot it was I that was set-up in his 2010 civil case against me, I was truly set-up with all his confusing doctored & manipulated so called evidence, about 2000 pages of it to be precise, plus a lying Witness, I was the one who had to defend myself with no solicitor when he had 2 solicitors defending him paid for by Legal Aid, if I had my own solicitor representing me in court at that case I would have definitely won as they would have spotted his flaws in his highly questionable evidence as well as his dodgy Witness!

In 2013 he tried to take court action on another innocent female victim, the case was eventually thrown out without merit and SHE was awarded over £68,000 in costs against HIM, she had to remortgage her home to pay the costs and he pays her £40 per month!

On the subject of Criminal Records, he regularly posts mine online, of which there are only 4 main petty offences from 1985 to 2000 throughout my life. He also claims that a Police Log that he has seen states that I am also a known violent person, this is pure lies, as if it were true it would show up on my criminal record, yet he states for some weird reason it doesn’t, that is because he is a liar! He then shows part of a Police Data Log showing that some random suspect is known for violence, he tries to make people believe this suspect is me, but it isn’t, my name does NOT appear anywhere within that document, of which I also have a copy somewhere, I actually have the exact same copies of police files as he does on a disc. He has also suggested before that I was warned for carrying a gun (Offensive Weapon Caution) when in fact it was simply a police baton that I had in my car. I also have a very recent enhanced CRB check on myself from 2014 & 2017, and these supposed violent crimes are not on that either, HOW WEIRD!! He also refers to me in many of his blogs that I am a convicted Cyber Stalker, this is just HIM projecting/mirroring his fully documented & proven convictions onto ME, what he actually means is that in his Civil case against me, the 70yr old Judge wrongly found me guilty of sending him certain aggressive emails & making certain aggressive postings about him on the net, many of which were actually posted by HIM using my username RonnieLockstock at the time on different web sites where he would ‘verbally abuse‘ himself, therefore confusing the Judge as I had admitted to having the username RonnieLockstock as well as admitted making some mild postings, so the Judge assumed ALL postings ANYWHERE on the net by RonnieLockstock were me, when in fact they were HIM! I have NEVER been found Guilty of being a Cyber Stalker, lets see the detailed proof! I was merely found guilty of making a few offensive remarks aimed at him within these forums. One mistake that he made online which I didnt realise until it was way too late, was that MY RonnieLockstock username is all ONE word, where his fake version appeared as two words as I have shown here: Ronnie-Lockstock. He is a master of confusion. Now for someone who goes on & on about my ‘long’ criminal record, he is certainly starting to make a LONG one of his own, now TWO counts of Malicious Communications!

Just one of the nasty things this Troll did to me was to make an anonymous yet malicious & damaging report to the benefits agency in early 2009, which eventually resulted in me losing my home of 10 years in Surrey. I had been claiming Disability Living Allowance due to the severe depression I had started to suffer, as well as losing my job, and after 6 months of claiming they had started to pay my mortgage interest, a few months after this the Troll made his sick call to them claiming that I was working and that my partner & baby were living with me, both untrue allegations, I was called into the benefit office for interview. I stated that it was my brother who made this malicious call and I was told that my benefits would be stopped whilst investigations took place, their investigations took 8 months, 8 months with NO money whatsoever, and after 3 months the bank warned me of repossession, it was then that I had to put my house on the market £30,000 under-priced for a quick sale, and in October 2009 I secured a buyer, and in January 2010 the sale completed, 3 weeks after this I received a letter from the benefits agency stating that they had completed their investigations and that they were WRONG to suspect me of working and living with my partner & baby, too late, my home was now sold. I could now only afford a house 45 miles away in Kent, not where I wanted to be. My brother also has a copy of this letter, as he has posted it online!


In 2010 he made false perjured statements with an old acquaintance of mine, a Mr Ken Baker, of which I also have a recorded telephone conversation of them both discussing what to put in their false witness statements along with Bakers Eastern European wife Nicoletta, this can be heard in the supplied link, listen especially careful at 01:28, and then compared it to Bakers original & proven perjured Witness Statement shown below, a bit of a memory lapse I think, about STOPPING a girl in her car! This statement was prepared just for the court to darken my name, it was not given or even shown to the Police, so if the claims within this statement were so bad as Baker says, then why were the Police not informed, because it was lies, and had the Police have raided my home due to his malicious false claims, then they would have found nothing. Of course my Trolls posted this false statement online within their numerous blogs. Baker also goes on about a Safe that I had fitted inside one of my kitchen cabinets out of sight, I NEVER made him aware of this Safe, he found it by being nosey, and of course it was always locked, so how would he know what was inside it, I never told him – I had only known him for 6 weeks, yet he claims it was full of illegal drugs, 2 tazers, viagra, cocaine etc, yet all it contained were my late mothers gold jewellery, my passport, and my expensive digital SLR camera! This man has a vivid imagination! He also forgets that Police did search my home based on my brothers claims, when they took away my laptop and any other device that stored digital media, if I had then possessed all this illegal stuff then they would have found it, they had them for 6 months!


And here is the contradictory lying telephone recording made by my Troll brother:

He still hasnt put 2 & 2 together yet and realised the cock-up proved above, and he is STILL publishing the above FALSE statement as of February 2017! What a twat.

So based on that proven lie, how can anyone believe all the other shit like what I had in my Safe, and then theres the contract killing, all laughable hearsay!

The nasty Trolls & Baker falsely claimed that I dealt in child porn & drug dealing amongst other things, of which this was simply malicious attacks due to me finding out the truth about Mr Baker and subsequently throwing him out of my house. What Mr Baker seems to forget is that my partner at the time regularly spent nights & weekends at my house, so if these items were left lying around, then how come she never discovered them, after all it was HER who told me to throw him out as she was fed up with him & his family always being there & wrecking the place, and she didnt trust Baker anyway! This man was a rogue builder who had conned a young lady named Genevieve Silvera out of £34,000 in a fake property deal, she lost her life savings too him, he also has 12 CCJ’s against his name. Also while I allowed him to live in my home for a period of time rent free, unknown to me he registered mobile phones & web sites to my address, (this is how the Troll located him) clocking up debts as well as stealing a £15,000 piece of plant equipment from a builders merchants which was on hire, him & his family also caused around £2,000 worth of damage to my home, ruining decor, carpets etc, the room they shared stank to high heaven when they left. I then helped Bakers young lady victim Miss Genevieve Silvera with a statement of truth against this man for court proceedings, as he had confided in me that he was out to rip her off & there was NO property deal, the £34,000 was to act as a deposit for a property for him and his family to live in as their family home, which he is still living in! This is the reason why he made the false perjured statement for my brother, because I exposed him and stood against him, he wanted revenge and to get back at me for throwing him out and exposing him for what he really is, a fraudulent rogue builder.

On the subject of Mr Baker let me give you a little background on him: Apart from being an habitual liar, he also ran an illicit online eastern european escort agency, he also runs a rogue building company where he hires cash-in-hand eastern europeans who are useless. When I met him in 2007 he was living with his young child and E.U wife in a huge house in Herne Hill, London, he told me he had £150,000 invested in it and he was doing it up to sell with an investor. At the time he drove a huge top of the range red Hummer worth around £50,000, so I believed his story, he was very convincing. Anyway to cut a long story short he had to move out for what he said were safety issues in the property, truth was he had f**ked up the illegal conversion of this property and was kicked off site having been found to be living in it like a tramp, and I eventually found out he had NO money invested in it at all! That was when he stayed with me. Anyway, months after I had found out the truth about him and kicked him out of my house (his wife & child were already back in Romania) I then found out he had visited the young lady from whom he had stolen the £34,000, he and his wife went to her house and were trying to break in, they threatened to shoot her, she called the police and Baker was eventually stopped in his Hummer by armed police at a petrol station near Wembley, they were both arrested. It turned out that the police kept his Hummer impounded, as when they checked out its history, he had illegally changed the registration number to a private one, and it transpired that Barclays Bank owned the Hummer and he had not been making the monthly payments on it, he had illegal possession, it was taken away from Baker and eventually auctioned off!

Here is a revealing 2010 Witness Statement about Baker from Miss Silvera:


Since 2008 and due to the direct actions of my Troll brother I lost my home of 10 years in Surrey, my promising careers in acting & DJ’ing, my circle of friends, and due to the depression that it caused me it also had a dramatic impact on my relationship with my partner (who chose to ignore the fact that I suffered severe depression) & daughter, ‘his niece’, whom he also likes to post crap about, most recently writing crap about a photo of her that I had on my old Facebook page when she was aged 4 & dressed in her Ballet costume (leotard, tutu, ballet tights, ballet shoes, in a pose from Swan Lake) having just returned from a dance lesson, he wrote that she was dressed in “Sexed up clothing“, How sick, but not quite rubber or a leather GIMP mask is it! Now on the subject of attacking 4 year old innocent children via the internet, stealing & posting their photos, full names etc, what kind of man really does that, I wonder?


Below is the full harmless & innocent shot of my innocent daughter in ballet costume which he refers to as sexed-up, her face now obscured from the evil stalking Troll.


My stalker Troll plays at being a “professional victim”. Just look at the abundunce of fake information that he posts about me online, including lots of my personal photos that he has stolen from my Facebook profiles since 2005, and a web site that I also had, as well as mixing in random explicit photos from the internet supposed to be of me, yet conveniently NOT showing my face, and making false profiles of me on dating sites such as Faceparty, typical Troll behaviour! My brother was even given a 3 year Non Molestation Order against him in the civil trial that HE took out on me, because the Judge realised that HE had been actively stalking me for 4 years previous to 2010 due to the material he had started collecting about me since 2005, he didnt bargain for that one!

His ‘partner’ suddenly made contact with me on 7th June 2015, making out that he was writing on behalf of my brother in aid of calling a truce, this was just a lie, it was to find things out, and I strongly suspect it was my brother contacting me. So I spun him a little white lie myself to see what would happen, I told him that I had been contacted by another of his victims, a Mrs J.S via email asking about him (as he had now targeted her as a victim) and I told her I wanted nothing to do with her, (when in fact I had NEVER been contacted by her at all), he believed me, and the very next day he posted this on his blog! And they say they want a truce! But the truth is I have not been doing anything online for over 2 years, all I have ever done is retaliate against their attacks upon me anyway! Yet they claim I started it all when I didn’t. They also slate this victim for ‘contacting’ a family member, yet when this pair were causing me problems they were contacting my employers, my friends, historic school friends, old girlfriends, my neighbours – stating he was a private investigator, and they even cyber stalked the woman who bought my house in Surrey, who also gave me a Witness Statement, they contacted her employer claiming she was a drug dealer & prostitute! HYPOCRITES!!

Regarding Mrs J.S noted above, this brother and his partner actually spent a whole year on Police Bail from 2015 to 2016 due to their attacks on her, a whole year of Police investigation with their computers in Police custody, yet when the case was given to the CPS no further action was taken. The pair say this is because they are innocent and no evidence was found, opinions say that the CPS saw that this was a huge complicated case and would be very costly to take to trial. It is now being appealed.

To this day many of their false or grossly inflated posts still exist about me, as do many of their YouTube videos featuring photos of me or my voice etc, this is why this blog will also remain online, to help vindicate me!

I now live a quiet life, I have made a new small circle of friends, and other than when I am at work or with my daughter every other weekend, I spend most of my time alone with my dog, I just dont really feel safe making friends anymore and I am very selective, it takes time, as I dont trust many people due to this horrible experience. I also have little interest in T.V, current affairs, sports or news.

The main reason for this page is to simply tell the truth, and add some background on what I have been through since 2006, as well as to see how long it takes the 2 Trolls to find it, as that will simply prove they are still actively stalking me, they will find this page and then reproduce some of it on their own blog, why else would they find themselves here, (there is no direct reference to their names), simply because they are Googling & stalking ME!

Please be warned that a lot of blog postings & video uploads made by this pair have hidden viruses attached, and they can gain illegal access to your computer via them”.

I have also learnt of my brother trying to enlist a lady to attack me in 2013 named Ruby Cooper, he tried to get her to report to Police that I sent poison to a CEO of Natwest Bank, something I know absolutely nothing about until recently!

“The Fit Up Email Evidence”



The Troll is a major hypocrite, he bangs on all the time about HIS free speech & human rights etc, but due to me writing this TRUE blog about my TRUE experience, he is still currently trying desperately hard to have me committed to prison! Pot, Kettle, Black? Does he honestly think that any sensible Judge in the land is going to send a hard working company employee to prison for something as feeble as this? Delusionist springs to mind! I stopped online retaliating against the Trolls attacks 3 years ago, therefore this is the only article online written by me regarding them, this blog is what they are trying to call a breach of the ridiculous Court Order that they have against me, yet it obviously isnt a breach as their recent claim to the courts has produced nothing! So this blog will remain.

My brother is also strongly suspected of being a schitzophrenic, as is also suggested in the email from a serving Police Officer, he mentions multi personalities after finding out he had been abusing himself in chat rooms, combine this with his denial of being the author of his blog! Combine this information with all the proven court cases he has been involved in as well as his prison sentence, and you have a serious serial cyber stalker! I AM INNOCENT.


You can clearly see in the above 2011 very successful court case Result Letter that my brother has an indefinite Restraining Order against him to stop him contacting his victim directly or indirectly, yet in chat logs I have seen and which I show one here, rcgrooming2jsgrooming his ‘partner’ is clearly shown grooming another recent victim (Mrs J.S) to attack this man, note where this Troll states “Do NOT mention us!”. In those same chat transcripts, also posted within this blog, I have also seen the discussion where he is also grooming this new victim to attack me via the Benefits Agency, referring to his new blog all about me, so are these men innocent? NO! here is the 2011 Daily Mail report, sensitive details obscured:


Bare in mind, this brother has been actually silently cyber stalking me since 2005, as is proved by personal photos of mine that he stole from various web sites including my own site which were only online during that period, he reproduces them quite regularly on his various blogs about me, as well as using them around 2007 to make fake kinky profiles supposed to be me, he even photoshopped one of me to make it look like I was wearing a stocking mask! It was even proved by the Judge in his 2010 case against me when it is even mentioned in the BBC News feature, where they state HE was also issued with a Non Molestation Order for actively cyber stalking me and seeking out any information about me on the internet! As the BBC news reporter said, “But the twist came!”


In early 2011 I had a Facebook page called Victims Of Cyber Stalkers, where I told my true story of attacks from my brother, this page was found by Tricia Bernal & Laura Richards, who are advocates for the protection against stalking campaign, they personally invited me to the Out Of The Shadows conferance and they also put me in contact with Toby Coaker & Riaz Jay, two young university journalists who were making an anti stalking documentary, they asked if I would take part, which I did. The Troll likes to make out that I was ‘hired‘ to act in this documentary, but what you see is ALL real, even my breakdown. I challenge anybody to contact the people named within this paragraph and ask if I was a genuine victim or a hired actor?

January 2017 and he has now taken me to the Royal Courts of Justice for a £25,000 Libel claim, however he lost the case and was ordered to pay ME compensation! Many people are now reading this blog & are now realising the truth about this Troll.

Beware, if you BEFRIEND him and them UNFRIEND him, you WILL become a victim too! This man is a serial offender, if you become a victim of him and you come across my story, do NOT hesitate to use it or MYSELF in part of ANY court action you may get involved in!


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